Free Consultation 

Deciding who will care for you during your pregnancy and birth is very important. We are happy to meet with you to answer any questions you may have about home birth and the services offered. This meeting is also a great opportunity to discuss your personal history and goals. Anyone who will be involved with your care and support is encouraged to attend.

We hold meet and greets twice a month. This is a great opportunity to meet the whole team (both midwives and the birth assistant try to attend) and see some of our equipment. We will give an overview of the care that we offer, our philosophies, and answer your questions. 

If you prefer a more private meeting, we also offer the option of meeting with one of the midwives at an individual appointment. 

If you would like to attend one of our meet and greets or schedule a one on one consultation, please complete our consultation request form. 

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Prenatal Care

We will provide full prenatal care for you throughout your pregnancy. This typically includes monthly visits until about 28 weeks, then every 2-3 weeks until 36 weeks, then weekly until birth. Each visit will include plenty of time to talk, answer questions, and check you and your baby. Friends and family are welcome to attend, including children and your labor support team.

All standard testing, including labwork and ultrasound, will be offered. Labs are billed separately and can be drawn in the office or at the lab. An order will be provided. A referral will be provided for ultrasound.

Around the clock on call availability 

We will be on call for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week from 37 weeks until your baby is born. This includes phone support, triage, and our availability to come to your home for labor and birth.

Labor and Birth

One team will come to your home once you are in labor and stay until you and the baby are stable after birth. The team includes a minimum of one certified-nurse midwife and a trained assistant at every birth. Many times both midwives and the assistant will attend, depending on availability. We offer continuous support and will monitor the well-being of you and your baby throughout labor and the immediate postpartum period. We carry equipment to every birth, including emergency medications, oxygen, equipment for monitoring mother and baby, instruments for birth and suturing, and resuscitation equipment.

Hospital Transfer

If it is determined that the hospital is the safest place for you or your baby to be at any point during your pregnancy, labor, or postpartum recovery, a transfer will be recommended. When transferring to the hospital or hospital-based care (during pregnancy), we can no longer be your care providers because we do not have hospital privileges. We will facilitate a smooth transfer and continuity of care with your new provider by providing records, report and accompanying you if you are in labor. We are happy to remain a part of your care in a supportive role if desired. 

Personalized care, guided by you and your family


After the baby is born, we will stay in your home during the immediate postpartum period until you are both stable. This is usually about 2-4 hours, but will depend on how mother and baby are doing. Ongoing monitoring of maternal and newborn well-being will be performed. The midwife will complete a comprehensive newborn exam and any indicated testing. We will help you initiate breastfeeding and facilitate bonding. All supplies and equipment will be cleaned up. Before leaving your home, we will make sure that both mom and baby are doing well and that the family knows how to provide postpartum and newborn care independently.

A midwife will return to your home for postpartum visits at 24-72 hours and 1 week after the birth. Newborn screening tests can be completed at the initial postpartum visit if desired. These will be discussed during your prenatal visits. We will make sure you and baby are doing well, assist with breastfeeding, complete any desired testing, and answer questions. 

Gynecological Care

We offer gyn services including well-woman care, PAP smears, screening and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, and contraception services.

Evidence-Based Care

We strive to keep ourselves current on the most up to date research and recommendations. We will discuss this information and use it to make decisions together that are best for you and your family using shared decision making. For more information on shared decision making, click here.